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iLegallyAfford Update and Progress

Legal Impartial Advice
Reasonable  Price
Years of Experience
Confidential Counselling Services.

iLegallyAfford is currently being set up to provide affordable Legal impartial practical advice quickly and at a reasonable monthly membership cost to it’s members. We will employ qualified legal representatives with over 5 years’ experience in legal representation and excellent knowledge of the current legislation in force.


Our Vision

When iLegallyAfford was founded, we knew that something had changed. We are determined to making a difference in people’s lives.  In iLegallyAfford we are very well aware of the daring reality that people face when they realise they can’t afford  to pay for a specialist lawyer/ solicitor or Barrister  to give them legal advice and draft letters on their behalf

Our service

Our service will allow our members to get high quality legal advice at an affordable monthly cost. Our members will no longer need to worry, they will continue with their lives and have access to our free confidential counselling services.


For more information

Contact Phoebe Olesi on: 07495935501
iLegallyAfford is currently in the process of set up,
discussions and agreements are underway with
the following professionals
Software Providers

Marketing and website developers

Consultation with Barrister Chambers

Recruitment of Legal professionals

Counselling providers

Network and communication providers

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